My Sword Sings The Blues (bebopsamurai) wrote,
My Sword Sings The Blues

Filling Prompts for IDOF~

So!  July 16 is the International Day of Femslash, an occasion I always wanted to do something for but always found out about after the fact.  However, since this year I actually have some warning, I figured I'd... well, do something!

So from now (July 8) all the way to 12:01 July 17, I will be opening requests for yuri/femslash fics and will try to have them done by that time.  Provided it's not for some fandom I'm completely unfamiliar with and would need to do extensive research on, feel free to go wild with requests! 

Just post in the comments in the following format:

Preferred Rating:

and I will do my best to fill any and all of them :) 

(If there are no requests, however, I'll just do 16 fics for pairings of my own discretion.  YOU DON'T WANT THAT X))

Tags: international day of femslash
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