My Sword Sings The Blues (bebopsamurai) wrote,
My Sword Sings The Blues

It started as a joke-- but now Medusa/Takano is totally my Evil!TP.

So guys.

Remember a while ago I posted some Soul Eater/Higurashi crossover Medusa/Takano yuri smutfic?

No? Uh... well, I did. Anyway, I was in the mood to actually SEE this, so I drew some fanarts.

(Slightly NSFW-- no nudity, but a very suggestively placed leg~ ;D)

If there's anything better than evil sadistic nurses sexing each other against a wall between patients, I don't know what it is >D
In all seriousness, this came out a lot better than I thought it would at first~ Miyo's leg is still bothering me though.

Aaand a close-up. Have to say I really like how the shading came out along with Miyo's defiant/come-hither look despite Medusa clearly topping her XD Seriously, this is like an airbrush and pastel color palatte away from being a Harlequin novel. With evil lesbians.

Lastly, something a little more lulzy (or dark lulzy if you prefer...)

This is totally, TOTALLY how their first date would go XD Nothing says love like torching a home for destitute children together~
Tags: crossover, fanart, medusa/takano, yuri
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