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Headed to Planet Comicon; Tales of the Black Freighter; More C.Viper SF yuri

So WOO this weekend me and my sis are going to Planet Comicon-- assuming that we don't get hit by this blizzard we're supposed to get :P I'm glad to go since I haven't been to one (and my only convention period) in years, and I figured it'd be a new experience for my sister to have. May do a picture post when I get back :3

Speaking of comics (or things related), I think I'm gonna try to pick up the "Tales of the Black Freighter" when it comes out this week. For those of you who don't know, this is actually some pirate metafiction in the form of a comic read by one of the minor characters in "Watchmen," which is Moore's way of adding another layer of depth to the story by serving as a metaphor for the events and characters of the larger narrative. It's also really well written, creepy and atmospheric in its own right, and from what I've seen it looks to have some really gorgeous, intense visuals and, of course, traditional cel animation ♥ If you happen to miss it now, it's actually going to be edited into the movie proper for a longer "Watchmen" director's cut this summer, so keep an eye out for that if you want to get an even richer experience.

Aaaand lastly, have some more Street Fighter yuri (sorry [info]fandomgreen -- underage Japanese schoolgirls aren't really my thing, so you won't likely be seeing any Sakura from me XD)  This is mostly for  [info]lishan1988 , who suggested this threesome and I felt compelled to deliver XD

Title: Outnumbered
Fandom: Street Fighter 4
Pairing: Cammy White/Crimson Viper/Chun-Li; hinted Cammy/Viper and Cammy/Chun-Li
Rating: NC-17 (explicit yuri)
Summary: The famous Chinese detective finally catches up with the enigmatic Crimson Viper... but to Viper's surprise, an interrogation isn't what she has in mind.  A continuation of "Quid Pro Quo," somewhat.

Crimson Viper knew, in the second after she'd thrown a lightning-charged fist and missed Chun-Li by mere inches, that the fight was over.  A tiny, victorious smirk appeared on the Chinese detective's lips, followed moments later by a swift blow to the back of Viper's neck, and with that she collapsed to the ground, struggling for just a moment before she vaguely registered her limp arms being secured behind her back in handcuffs, and the world going black.

When her awareness finally returned, Viper groaned, the feel of her bare hands against each other indicating that she'd been robbed of her stun gloves, and the chair she'd been forced into seemed rather too heavy to utilize.  This situation was tricky, she considered calmly, but not impossible.  She'd gotten out of worse scrapes before.

"Ah, you're awake!  I was starting to wonder if I'd hit you too hard."

Taking a better look, the S.I.N. mercenary found Chun-Li standing before her, a hand on her wide hip and her expression one just tinged with satisfied confidence.  To her left stood Cammy White, and though Viper was surprised to find her recent liason had apparently reconsidered their 'arrangements,' she said nothing.  The hint of lust in Cammy's eyes, however, gave Viper the idea that manipulation wouldn't be out of the question if an escape became necessary.

"Hmph.  Don't be too proud of yourself.  So, what does Interpol want with me anyway?  I don't plan on telling you anythi--"

"Oh, you think this is about my investigation?" Chun-Li queried, her laughter gentle and giddy, and for all her implacability Viper was suddenly confused.

"...Haven't you and your little...friend here been wanting to bring me in for questioning?"

"If there's time," Chun-Li quipped flirtatiously, and suddenly Viper found herself looking up into calm blue eyes, pink lips just inches from her own, and the sudden proximity made Viper's breath catch in her chest against her will.  "Hmm... so this is the one who's been keeping you away from me, Cammy?"

"S-sorry," the English woman managed, her cheeks just slightly flushed as her eyes lingered over her tall, dark lover.  "I...I was honestly trying to get information from her, but she..."

"Oh, no need to apologize," the detective laughed sweetly, pulling away from Viper (she let out the breath she'd been holding) to plant a gentle kiss on Cammy's slender lips.  "...I just wish you'd invited me sooner.  So..." at this Chun-Li placed her mouth in the hollow of Cammy's throat, the tickle of her breath making her tremble in a way Viper had become more than familiar with, "...let's try to have some fun with her, okay?"

The pair smiled over at the immobilized Viper, their predatory intentions all too clear, and for a moment she vaguely considered resisting, but then Chun-Li sauntered up to her (the sway of her perfect, shapely legs making Viper less than eager to escape right away) and, grabbing her tie, drew the older woman into a slow, deliberate kiss.  It was rare for Viper to not be the one in control (much less in a position where she was unable to reciprocate), but between the way Chun-Li urgently tugged on her tie like a leash, the scorching heat of her mouth and the tang of sweat on her skin, she found herself matching the detective's passion, craning her body as far forward or back as necessary to maintain the kiss.  Smiling against her lips, Chun-Li slid a finger along the curve of Viper's face, delighted by the shiver she got in automatic response.

"...Cammy, if you wouldn't mind...?" Chun-Li purred before turning back to her panting, feverish captive, sliding her tongue commandingly between Viper's parted lips and kissed her even deeper, hands tracing her features, lingering at the base of her neck.  She was so focused on what Chun-Li was doing to her that she almost gasped in surprised at the feel of Cammy's arms wrapped around her from behind, unfastening the clasps of her vest while her teeth and lips nibbled torturously along the sensitive lobe of Viper's ear.  Without thinking she moaned, low and wanton and needy; she couldn't remember the last time she'd felt this good-- sex had always been a mild diversion for Viper, something to fill her  free time that wasn't spent in her rather demanding job.

Between Cammy's familiarity with her body and Chun-Li's soft but demanding touch, she was starting to remember that it could be a luxury as well.  The sensation of Chun-Li's laughter along her neck made Viper sigh, and she arched into the detective's curvaceous form every time Cammy's rough little tongue slid along her nape.  She felt herself tremble as her vest slid off to either side of her torso, exposing her full breasts to the chill air, and there was a moment's hesitation before she felt Chun-Li's mouth clamp hungrily around a nipple while Cammy's thumb and forefinger twisted the other.  Viper felt herself cry against her will, her voice tremulous with overflowing desire and her breathing strangled into little pleasured gasps, her only coherent thought that these two must have had at least a hundred women between them to be so fantastic at this.

She nearly broke down and begged when Chun-Li's lips drifted away from her achingly hard nipple, only to feel her lips slide along the dip of her belly button (there was the sound of a zipper coming undone and Viper felt her pants slide all the way down to her ankles) and Cammy's calloused hands massage her breasts, teeth biting deliciously at her clavicle.  Viper hadn't minded the handcuffs securing her to the chair before-- but that was when she thought an interrogation had been in coming.  Not being able to touch the gorgeous women claiming her with such gentleness and skill was worse torture than anything else she'd physically endured, and the delighted chuckle that Chun-Li gave upon seeing her 'victim' struggle just made Viper even more hot and bothered.

"Just look at her," Chun-Li whispered seductively, and Viper was sure that with her chest and face red with lust, her eyes half-lidded and her tongue lolling out, there was little resemblance to the taciturn warrior that she knew so well.  "Mmm...You have great taste in women, Cammy."

"Wait 'til you try biting the inside of her thigh," Cammy teased, her voice husky as she tweaked Viper's dusky nipples, savoring the sound of her lover's moans.  "...She just loves that."

Sliding her hands along the curve of Viper's slim waist and wide hips, Chun-Li wasted no time and dug her teeth into Viper's thigh just beyond her already-dripping labia.  In an instant Viper bucked her hips so violently she nearly threw herself off the chair, yelping in shameless pleasure and shuddering as she felt herself getting wetter with each bite that drifted closer to her center, and without being forced she spread her legs desperately.  She needed this NOW, she didn't think she could last even another second longer...

And then Chun-Li was licking at her slit, suckling and and sliding her tongue between pulsing, hypersensitive lips and Viper had wrapped her legs around the detective's head, pulling her closer and thrusting her hips in time with Chun-Li's movements, moaning loud and restlessly as drool slid down the corner of her mouth.  In seconds Cammy had wrapped her lips around Viper's (a bit possessively) and kissed her as hard as she could while her free hand began flicking and rolling and teasing her clit, and then Viper could take it no longer.

She came hard, her mouth ripping away from Cammy's as she screamed at the top of her lungs, her juices gushing and Chun-Li licking them up ravenously.  She lost count of how many times she'd climaxed as the girls kept up their work at a tireless pace, but eventually Viper collapsed, exhausted and satisfied, against her chair, Cammy sucking at her neck gently and Chun-Li giving her another deep kiss, Viper tasting herself on the detective's tongue.

For a moment they were still, the room full of their heavy breathing.  Then Viper heard the sound of a tumbler coming undone, and realized that her hands were free, Cammy holding up the handcuffs and tossing them aside.

"Now the real fun begins," Chun-Li said with a wicked, lustful smile.


Tags: cammy white/crimson viper/chun-li, comics, fanfiction, planet comicon, tales of the black freighter, watchmen, yuri
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