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This is Bebop signing off

Welp, no easy way to say this, so I'm just going to say it.  I haven't updated in months.  It's basically already a given, but as of now, I am formally done with LiveJournal.  This one will stay, but won't be updated again. 

I joined this site about six years ago, largely because a former friend brought me encouraged me to, and when I was just starting to learn the ropes of fanfic (and yuri in particular).  I've learned alot, and made some real friends here, but here's the thing.  

I've come to terms with the fact that I just prefer yuri/femslash to other fic.   And unlike alot of slash and het communities, which can endure FOREVER, yuri tends to be centralized and intense for a brief period of time, and then dies out just as quickly.  So with very few exceptions (or rather, current trends *rizzoli and isles cough*) writers like me-- who prefer lots of different series and couples and not just The Series OTP-- don't have any real place here. 

I've tried writing for the sake of it-- hell, that's basically what I HAVE been doing for at least the last two years-- but after a certain point of knowing that no one else cares, it's hard to keep doing.  And yuri ficmemes-- in which you can fill several prompts but not get a single of your own filled out because Flavor Of The Month is dominating everyone else's writing timetables-- are basically a crapshoot (though this can really be applied to ANY ficmeme, really). 

So in the words of mssrs. Page, Plant, Bonham and Paul Jones, it's time for me to ramble on.

If for whatever reason you'd like to stay in touch, you can reach me on AIM, Twitter, (links to both of which are in my User Info) and I've started to actually use that DA account I've had for a long while.   And have an original project I've been tweaking and may finally be about ready to put to (digital) paper, so there's that.

Take care, especially those of you who stuck with me, and listened when I needed you. I don't know what I would have done a couple years ago if I didn't have this place.

Take care, and goodbye.
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Femslash Day Fills Post!

Happy International Femslash Day!

Well, I've finished up all the prompts I got, along with fics for several pairings I've intended to do before but never got around to, so here it all is in one easy spot.

(Prompts are listed alphabetically by fandom)

- Bayonetta/Jeanne, PG-13 (ish), "Practice Makes Perfect" (requested by girlinstilettos )

- Kuukaku/Soifon, (borderline) PG-13, "Acceptance"

Mirror's Edge
- Faith/Celeste, PG, "Prodigal"

No More Heroes
- Dr. Naomi/Holly Summers, (light) R, "Maintenance"

Persona 4
- Chie/Yukiko/Rise, R, "Just The Way You Are" (requested by girlinstilettos )

Sakura Wars
- Ratchet Altair/Subaru Kujo, PG, "Duet" (requested by pixelphile )

Soul Eater
- Maka/Medusa, PG-13 (ish), "Temptation"

Sym-Bionic Titan
- Kristin/Ilana, PG, "Things They Don't Teach in School"
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Filling Prompts for IDOF~

So!  July 16 is the International Day of Femslash, an occasion I always wanted to do something for but always found out about after the fact.  However, since this year I actually have some warning, I figured I'd... well, do something!

So from now (July 8) all the way to 12:01 July 17, I will be opening requests for yuri/femslash fics and will try to have them done by that time.  Provided it's not for some fandom I'm completely unfamiliar with and would need to do extensive research on, feel free to go wild with requests! 

Just post in the comments in the following format:

Preferred Rating:

and I will do my best to fill any and all of them :) 

(If there are no requests, however, I'll just do 16 fics for pairings of my own discretion.  YOU DON'T WANT THAT X))

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What who told you I was dead

Among the grossly overrated series that dominate anime (aside from the aggravating inescapability of the 'kids fighting ghosts' subgenre), "Neon Genesis Evangelion" sits pretty comfortably near the top.   In addition to character arcs that go nowhere and a copout ending compounded by a dried-up budget, the entire thing is dominated by an atmosphere of unrelenting pretentiousness. 

In short, Hideaki Anno proved that being crazy does not necessarily translate to quality anything, despite centuries of artists and writers validating that.

However, years after the original series aired, Anno got back on his meds, took a good long look at his brainchild, and realized that yeah, it kind of sucked, and decided to remake/rewrite the entire thing as a series of 4 animated films, currently halfway done.  The first, You Are (Not) Alone, was a prettified but ultimately lazy-as-hell "retelling" of the first 5 or so episodes almost verbatim, the lone difference being the early revelation of a big late-series secret that is now apparently at least semi-common knowledge among NERV staff.

I was pretty much committed to leaving the whole thing alone after that, but upon hearing that Movie 2 (You Can (Not) Advance) actually changes things quite a bit (and that it apparently pissed off alot of the fans of the original), I reluctantly decided to give it one more shot.

So congratulations Gainax, you win the Gold Star for Most Drastic Improvement of a Long Overrated Series.

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RIP SBT, first (only?) ever "Titan" femslash

Well, for those of you unaware, "Sym-Bionic Titan"-- the latest cartoon from "Dexter's Lab" and "Samurai Jack" animation wonderboy Genndy Tartakovsky-- is being cancelled by Cartoon Network less than a year after it's September 2010 premiere. With the last episodes scheduled to air over the next three weeks, the series is capping around a grand total of 21 episodes, with no actual ending likely due to its abrupt fate.  Naturally, as one of (apparently) the only people making a conscious effort to draw attention to it, I AM PISSED OFF. 

The REAL joy of all this, however, is Cartoon Network's reasoning for this.  Aside from lower ratings (due to being shuffled around in addition to competition from neighboring channels), the crux of their decision to not renew "Sym-Bionic Titan" for another year was because they didn't view it as a series with a viable merchandising base.  To recap: Cartoon Network did not think an action cartoon about giant robots, monsters and intergalactic civil war had a future for a toyline, officially making the executives of said network The Dumbest Motherfuckers On The Planet.

In any case, this motivated me to finally go ahead and make some long-overdue "Sym-Bionic Titan" femslash art.  I was waiting for the longest time for someone with actual talent to go ahead with something like this, but clearly time makes fools of us all.

Title: Agreeable Circumstances
Series: Sym-Bionic Titan
Characters/Pairing: left to right-- Kristin/Ilana/Kimmy
Rating: PG-13-ish
AN: Thought about just making is Ilana/Kimmy for a while (OTP if I have to be honest XD), but had to include Kristin once she showed up.  Because WHY NOT.

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In Defense of "Sucker Punch"

So I'm sure by now most of us have seen the critical bitchslapping "Sucker Punch" has been getting all over the place, from published reviewers to internet geek-culture hubs, and while opening weekend has barely begun it's probably safe to say that a crash-and-burn is inevitable at this point. 

Having just seen it myself I have to say only this-- that's a goddamned shame.


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What is this 'dignity' you speak of

GodFUCKINGdammit, pixelphile .  Thanks a lot.  I am now watching a show about fucking ponies and I am loving the living hell out of it.


In all seriousness, if you're not watching this show yet, get on that shit.  A high cute-tolerance is necessary helpful, but considering it's a well-made, well-animated, well-written and character driven cartoon for little girls from Lauren Faust of "Powerpuff Girls" and "Foster's" fame, I give it about another season before it gets bricked for a "Ren & Stimpy" reboot by an Adult Swim eighth-stringer or at least something with less effort put into it.